Eric Weinberg is a “low-level pimp” who is hiding out in a luxury home

TV producer Eric Weinberg has $5-million bail revoked after judge labels him danger to society.

Eric Weinberg was arrested in April and charged with being a pimp and being caught soliciting sex by two undercover detectives.

The 54-year-old, who has two daughters, is said to be a part-time resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has no prior criminal record.

The judge had been warned of his dangerous behaviour, stating there was a real chance he would commit another crime.

Weinberg has since fled to Nevada, where he is said to be hiding out in a luxury home. He is said to be refusing to appear in court due to the bail order and is facing a warrant.

An unnamed source has told the Las Vegas Review Journal: “We had no idea he was so dangerous. He’s a con artist, so we never expected that he would end up behind bars for soliciting sex.

“He’s a part-time resident, which makes it even worse.”

Eric Weinberg was arrested earlier this year for having sex with a woman

However, Weinberg has been known at this point of being a millionaire who owns property in Los Angeles and who has been a part-time resident of Las Vegas to date. He owns a two-bedroom home in the city of North Las Vegas.

Weinberg, who is from Las Vegas, was on the run from a court appearance in April after being arrested on sex and human trafficking charges and was charged with being a pimp and being caught soliciting sex. ( Reuters: Carlos Barria )

However, the Los Angeles Police Department described Weinberg as being a “low-level pimp” who was “swaying through life without too many problems”.

As a result, police had been tipped off by a woman posing as a prostitute and had followed Weinberg when he was seen to have sex with her in a hotel room.

Weinberg was also

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