The World Cup is being denied to Australia

Gay Australian footballer Josh Cavallo says World Cup shouldn’t be going to Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal. Credit:James Brickwood The 25-year-old is from Melbourne’s west, where he lived for years before moving to Qatar to study economics and play for Al-Duhail SC in the Qatari league. “It’s really difficult and it is against the law in Australia,” he said. “I don’t agree with what they are doing. “My sexuality is not a secret, I am very open about being gay. This is not a secret, this is just another thing that we have to deal with.”

The World Cup of LGBT rights around the world “It’s so weird when you are flying on an airplane and you don’t see the men and women dressed in traditional Muslim attire. It’s like you are the only gay person on the plane. “I am not going to travel to Qatar because it’s a big world and we need to be aware of other cultures, other people. “It’s against the law for them to be doing what they are doing. It’s a shame. “This is why the whole world is getting together to have a protest, because we have so much more to care about than we thought and no one seems willing to say anything about it.” The World Cup tournament has never been held in Australia.

The tournament organisers hope to stage it in Asia this year, but Australian soccer federation’s secretary Paul Ifill has urged the country not to host. “The world’s greatest sport is being denied the opportunity to showcase its best and most authentic talent to the world. “For more than 20 years Australia has played host to one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events – yet the World Cup is denied to us for the sixth time. “I’m afraid it’s time for Australia to stand up and use the power of the Commonwealth Parliament and call on the United Nations and International Olympic Committee for an immediate and meaningful World Cup

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