The 3-Pointer Is No Longer a Myth

The Lakers Can’t Make a 3-Pointer

You’ve seen this movie before. You’re just waiting for the last moment where Kobe Bryant throws it up to Pau Gasol and they do it all again. Or you’ve seen it like this. You’re watching the Lakers and you know what’s going to happen: Kobe gets his own shot, and Pau just turns it over so it goes in. When the Lakers face a 3-pointer with no other option, the 3-pointer will hit the bottom of the net. That’s Kobe’s only chance to get to the free throw line (and in this case, the Lakers are going to win).

It’s a movie that has been played out since the Lakers lost the championship. It was Kobe’s fault. It was his failure to get to the free throw line. And the same has been done to the Lakers before. It’s been the coach’s fault, the training staff’s fault, the team’s fault. The coach never had the players’ full understanding. It was Kobe’s fault. It was Pau’s fault. It was the team’s fault. And it’s been over and over and over.

In Los Angeles, the 3-pointer has become a myth. It is no longer Kobe’s. It is not Pau’s. It is not the team’s. It is no longer the coach’s fault.

It’s time the Lakers get over it.

In order to truly make the 3-pointer an offensive strength, you have to get your whole team involved. If you’re the coach, you want to make the 3-pointer a part of a team’s play. If you’re the training staff, you want to make the 3-pointer a part of each and every player’s training regimen. If you’re the players, you want to make

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