How I Read for a Living

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I’m interested in what other people are reading

Thank you for your interest in keeping up to date with what I’m reading.


“I’m interested in what other people are reading.”

When do you read?

I read for a living. About 3-4 hours per day — depending on how long the day has been, and how much I’ve been writing and editing. The rest is a blur of randomness, usually with another book sitting beside me on the coffee table. Occasionally, I’ll dip into a book of photos, or pick up the latest issue of a magazine. I’ve written about a book or two this year, because I’ve gotten more comfortable doing so. But for the most part, I only read when I have time, and sometimes I feel like there are not too many novels to choose from. To fill the rest, I read articles online, books on Amazon, or reviews.

If I’m driving, I’ll typically be taking a drive down a street, and stop at the library. I always have a good amount of reading material on my iPod, and I usually listen to some audio books while I drive — the radio — but I find that I have to force myself to get out of the car to be able to find something new and interesting to read. But when I do stop, I do more reading than usual, to fill the spare time. I tend to read in a more random fashion: not in chronological order, but in topic order. I’ll read a book that catches my eye and I’ll read that one, then the next, then the next, until it’s time to set down and turn the page.

When do you choose to read or look at a book or articles online?

I usually have the article or article in hand (it’s a habit I picked up from another writer). I usually just open the link that catches my eye and read. Most days, I’ll be reading around noon or a bit earlier, so no one on my social circle is likely to know that a book is in my

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