I Don’t Support Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, why haven’t you resigned?

I saw in the April 20-21 New Haven Register that one of our community leaders, Kevin de León, is running for mayor. I just hope he wins. He has made a valiant effort to get people involved in politics and to get other residents engaged on the issues he has campaigned on. And he has proven it by running an excellent campaign this past year.

I also saw that Cedillo said that he is sick and tired of being in court at City Hall, but I did not hear him say why or even what his plans are to get out of town? If he really is sick and tired, he should resign. And if he is not, he should resign.

This year, the candidates ran on a platform that included eliminating the $6 million deficit for the city budget. For the first time ever, our City Council has been talking about that very issue. This means that the Council members have been in contact with the General Assembly and with the governor. They have done all they can do to put the budget on a firm footing, but they are only going against the wishes of the voters.

How can they give up control of our community? I fear that they don’t know what they are voting for, and I fear that they are only thinking of themselves. I fear that the Council has made a pact with the devil.

The question now is, do I support these people running for re-election? No. I did not vote for them in the past, and I know that I do not have to vote or support them. But I should at least know what these people stand for and how they will govern. I am really tired of politicians ignoring the will of the people.

I will say this: Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo have given me hope. I hope they win and I hope they govern. If they do not, I know who will.

Kevin de Le

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