Zbigniew Przybylski arrested in France

Soccer star Paul Pogba’s brother arrested in connection with alleged extortion attempt

The nephew of soccer star Paul Pogba was arrested on Thursday just hours after it emerged his family had agreed to pay a £24,000 (£20,000) tax bill.

Zbigniew (ZZ) Przybylski was arrested at his home in Toulon at the request of French prosecutors, although it was not clear why, as he is in a country with which France has not already reached an accord on tax avoidance.

French Tax Authorities, with the support of the French government, have put the Zbigniew Przybylski under investigation for alleged tax evasion and tax fraud.

The French news site, CSA, reported a local police prosecutor said on Thursday that Przybylski had been arrested as part of an investigation into tax fraud involving the media company France Inter Media, which owns France Football and Radio France.

No further details were disclosed.

Przybylski, 29, has also been linked to claims he provided €12,000 ($14,600) in return for “promoting or supporting” a fellow footballer, with his uncle Pogba’s brother, Paul, alleging in legal papers that Zbigniew received €20,000 ($24,700) from the footballer’s agent.

However, a legal expert said on Thursday, Zbigniew Przybylski’s detention has nothing to do with his links to the footballer.

“Of course this is not about the case involving Paul,” said lawyer Benoit Pozin, who works with the family of former footballer, Zinedine Zidane’s, son, Zinedine Zidane. “Zbigniew Przbylski has nothing to do with the case involving his uncle Paul,” he told AFP.

“This case has nothing to do with the Pogba case. They are two completely different cases,” said Pozin, who added that the legal proceedings were entirely separate but related.

The arrest of Zbigniew Przybylski follows similar

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