Sanjay’s Hindu channel is removing hate speech

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir in India.

The video features a Hindu gentleman telling his followers: “The world is like this. There are days where you are happy and you feel that everything is good…And then on the other days when things fail you cry, ‘The world is so unfair’.”

A YouTube comment section immediately erupted in criticism of the channel. “How is this video supposed to be relevant to people who are not Hindu,” wrote one user.

A series of videos followed, which were critical of the channel. One featured three angry men in masks, who accused the Hindu channel of spreading hate speech against their community.

A few days later, the channel asked viewers to vote on whether they wanted its videos to be removed.

“The channel owner has decided to remove all videos made with hate speech towards our community. We would like to know your final decision regarding the channel of Sanjay. We are all brothers,” the channel said in a statement on April 18.

On the day that was declared to be #CovidSafe, the channel went back on its previous promise and posted a series of videos that were supportive of the Hindu community.

On May 1, it removed the channel, but the controversy continued. Some people complained that the videos were insulting to Muslims and other religions. Some people accused them of spreading hate speech.

On May 7, the channel posted a series of videos that were more critical of the Muslim community than they had been of Hindus.

Hindus and Muslims are in a state of denial

There’s a big difference between being Muslim and being religious. In our community, it does not mean practising any religion, it means practising your religion, which is none, neither Hindu nor Muslim.

— Babulal P.J.

There are Hindus who are religious. There are Hindus who are religious and others who are non-religious.

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