Nick Foles’s alleged texting of his fiancée

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Texting has become such a big part of our daily lives that it seems almost quaint at times, but it has grown into something way over the top.

So, in a bit of sad irony news, former New York Jets quarterback and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback, Nick Foles, admitted that he and his fiancée, Megan Hunter, were texting when he allegedly was driving drunk on August 9, 2012, and struck a person and a car.

Then, Foles allegedly tried to drive his car into the woman’s minivan and then backed up and tried to run over him again before he was finally pulled from the car.

So, how did that happen?

Well, the person he allegedly struck was a 16-year-old woman, who had gotten out of her car in the middle of the street and stepped into the road to call 911. That’s when he allegedly backed up and ran over her.

However, in the time, Foles had been texting his fiancée on his cellphone right as he was driving. It’s not clear what exactly he had been texting or sending.

Although it might make sense that Foles would text Hunter after he was caught, and then had to learn about her texting during the court proceedings, but just like with any other incident, there is a chance that he was texting a lot of texts and sending a lot of them over his cellphone right that night.

“What [Foles] had to say, what he testified to, is he texted (Hunter) ‘I don’t know whether you can hear me,’ when he got pulled over. And then, ‘I wish we were texting.’ This is all he said about texting. And I guess that’s true. He has some explaining to do, though. That’s basically what I heard — about texting.”

So, basically, at the time of the accident, Foles was texting his fiancée during the accident. And while we’re thinking about the fact that he was texting a very intoxicated New York Jets’ quarterback, a man for

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