The Conservative Party is not doing its job

Liz Truss’ exit as Britain’s prime minister is biggest political coup in 30+ years

A government of, by and for the people would be an amazing thing. In the past, it happened in communist and socialist societies. But to make one happen in Britain would take a Herculean effort, and be a huge change. That is what is happening, with great enthusiasm.

What we are seeing is a government that is a co-operative and that is a democratic government. In other words, we share power. There is no autocratic style of leadership. No one is in charge. That is a huge change in Britain, and we are experiencing it at a time when we need to be at our best, and for the people of Britain. To take the country forward, we have to do things differently and have a new style of leadership.

So many people felt this week during the Conservative Party conference, when the government was not there, that there was an absence of leadership. Many who were there felt the Conservative Party was lacking in ideas, and of course it was because people feel that the Conservative Party’s philosophy is dead. You have to believe that we have a strong government because of the government we have.

Liz Truss is not the only British politician who has left a job that was not working.

Former British MP and leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, is also out of parliament and is currently running for mayor of London.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May is having a bit of a problem with the people that she has taken into her cabinet. People say, how can anyone take on such a large role when the government is so bad?

We are trying to build what we call a new centre for government, which is much more efficient. The government is there for us. It is not there for us to feel that we are not doing our job.

I don’t think the government is doing its job. And that is why people like me and so many others are leaving. The government is not working for the people. I do

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