Caliander Children’s Hospital Expands Testing Capacity to Test Children Under 9 Years Old

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Caliander Children’s Hospital, which has the third-largest coronavirus testing facility in the state, is now the health care provider for San Diego’s youth in the effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Caliander Children’s Hospital has expanded its current practice of testing coronavirus patients during regular operating hours to an even larger capacity by adding the capacity of two additional hospitals in the city to receive COVID-19 patients. The expanded testing capacity of Caliander Children’s Hospital is now available to children under the age of nine years old.

“The expanded capacity will help the hospital significantly in fighting the coronavirus and, importantly, allow us to more quickly help those in our community who are experiencing symptoms,” Dr. Paul Cottam, chief medical officer and chair of the medical staff of Caliander Children’s Hospital, said in a press release.

The three-month expansion will also give those patients access to life-saving medical services such as a coronavirus treatment.

Dr. Cottam explained that the hospital is now testing two new spots for the increased capacity of the hospital, which are available to patients in the following areas (according to the hospital’s press release):

“In addition, to provide additional coverage for patients who may come into contact with our existing patient population in our urgent care setting, the expanded capacity is set to provide critical care services to the ED to support patients who may present with fever, cough, and other respiratory signs and symptoms. We thank the City of San Diego, San Diego County Health Department, and San Diego County Supervisor Todd Spitzer for the assistance they have provided in expanding our testing capacity throughout the city of San Diego.”

The expansion of the capacity will allow the hospital to test a greater number of patients and help fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

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