Jason Aldean and Collective Soul cancel Madison music festival due to wind-chill factor

‘When We Were Young’ music festival canceled Saturday due to high winds

A music festival in Wisconsin was delayed this weekend because of high winds, but the show was still going to go on.

About 100 people were expected to attend the sold-out Saturday event at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, where there is typically little to no rain.

But the group of fans gathered to hear country music star Jason Aldean and country rock band Collective Soul was forced to cancel the event due to the wind-chill factor.

“The high winds were expected to cause a delay in playing,” the group said on its Facebook page. “It was a surprise to everyone that we had to cancel the show.”

The group offered refunds, but Aldean said the best thing the fans could do is “stay safe wherever you are.”

Aldean was in the middle of a tour, he said, and the weather was affecting his performance.

“My fans are going to be disappointed as well, but that only gives us a new chance for success on Monday and Tuesday,” Aldean wrote.

Collective Soul canceled a show at the Dixie Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday and rescheduled the concert at the same time Monday.

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