The Woman Who Was Accused of a Crime

Woman who alleges rape by Danny Masterson delivers emotional testimony over four days

The woman tells jurors that she is “just me” and talks about the “hurt” and “emotional” reaction she got when she learned that Masterson was the man who had been her boyfriend.

“I felt numb,” the woman said. “I felt like an idiot.”

Prosecutors and defense attorneys questioned the woman about an incident in 2004.

Prosecutors called her an “expert witness” who had provided them with “many hours of videos” and was used by them to attack the man who was in the passenger seat and who they said could not have committed the crime.

Defense attorneys countered that the woman was a “conspiracy theorist” who had claimed the victim was lying in court and that she was “simply too upset” to be believed.

The woman, in testimony that lasted four days, told jurors she fell in love with Masterson over a year and a half and that she had been in love with him before then.

Prosecutors say that, during the time the two were dating, Masterson paid the woman to have sex with him on one occasion, in the basement of the house they shared.

He would later tell her that he was in the process of divorcing his wife.

Prosecutors said Masterson also paid the woman in the summer of 2005 to have sex, saying he was going to get back together with his wife. The two would have sex once more after that, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors also said Masterson paid the woman to give him money when he was broke, and to give him more money after he left.

The woman told jurors that she had not committed a crime because Masterson had a “legitimate” wife at the time, who did not know of the affair. She says she and Masterson had only had sex with one person before; after the relationship began,

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